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Toy Safety

A Warm Message to Parents and Guardians Concerned about Toy Safety.

You can purchase from Creative Toys with complete confidence. Our range is selected from European quality-conscious toy manufacturers, tested against the most stringent safety test including the European toy safety standard EN71 to ensure physical and mechanical safety. The EN71 safety standards meet and frequently exceed all current New Zealand safety standards, including:
  • Safety aspects related to mechanical and physical properties
  • Flammability
  • Migration of certain elements (Toxicity)

Our toys carry the Thumb CE Mark images[9].jpg mark of safety.

The CE mark is a mark that is required by the European standards (which are generally higher than NZ standards). In Europe and the UK this mark is required to be on every toy. To be able to put this mark on the toy it needs to have gone through an independent testing organization. The testing organisation will test all aspects including the safety, materials, and packaging of the toy according to the European Norm EN71.
Please note:
  • Safety tests do not release the parent or guardian from watching over their children. Every toy is exposed to a certain wear and tear after long usage. It is the obligation of the parent or guardian to ensure the safety of the toy.
  • Purchase toys appropriate for your child’s age.
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